Chicken Soup for the Soil™

Advanced, Innovative, and Proven. This Fertilizer Works Like Magic!

Chicken Soup For The Soil is the best liquid fertilizer ever created; it literally brings the biology in dead soil back to life, grows large dense crops, tasty fruits and vegetables, high quality marijuana, and has the ability to naturally reduce insects and disease without the use of pesticides or fungicides.

  • This ultra premium liquid fertilizer incorporates the full spectrum of nutrients and trace minerals found in the periodic table, and is the only chemical free, small batch, liquid fertilizer fermented with beneficial live probiotics.
  • Hobby Gardeners love the delicious bug free carrots, beats, beans, cucumbers, apples, peaches and everything else!
  • Growers love the dense, frosty, monster buds this fertilizer helps produce. Feed the microbes and enjoy the reward!
  • Farmers are amazed at what this product can do for there crops... it makes stuff grow like crazy; more product, less waste, higher quality fruits and vegetables.
We have 5,000 gallons available for an exclusive pre-release....

64 ounce Chicken Soup For The Soil™ Free Just Pay Shipping and Handling!

About Chicken Soup For The Soil™

Chicken Soup For The Soil™ Is Easy!

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