Tree Secret®

Save Your Dying Tree and Create A Lush Paridise Around The Yard!

Tree Secret® formerly known as Save-A-Tree is the only natural fertilizer that has been created specifically for optimum tree health. Our extra potent fermented blend of readily available nutrients is exactly what your trees, plants, and bushes need to regain their health and stay bug free. The competition doesn't come close!

Nitrogen found in most chemical lawn fertilizer is largely responsible for the unnatural rapid growth that weekens trees by thinning their protective cell walls; this opens the door for disease, wind damage, and bug infestations..... 

Plants and bushes need the same nutrition as slow growing trees. Give your yard a serving of this ultra potent, undiluted, all natural super sauce and watch in amazement as your trees thrive and your landscape transforms into a lush paradise. is that good. 

Do Your Trees a Favor, Buy 64 ounce Tree Secret® Today! 

About Tree Secret®

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Picture of Tree Secret natural liquid fertilizer back information label - save a dying tree