The Truth About Chemical Fertilizer

The Truth About Chemical Fertilizer


(Boise,ID) Have you ever applied mainstream fertilizer to your lawn and had great results the first few years but then noticed diminishing success in the years to come?   You notice your grass thinning, color fading, increased dirt patches, and bug infestations. You figure Brand X must have changed their formula because it just isn’t working like it used too.

Or, perhaps you are planting vegetables in the back yard. You fondly remember the days of growing produce that grew healthy and tasted great; but, your garden has not met expectations for the past few years and no matter what you do nothing seems to improve?

Sadly, high doses of nitrogen from mainstream chemical fertilizer kills the micro life and burns carbon out of the soil. This imbalanced soil is more susceptible to insects and does not have the available nutrients to grow healthy plants capable of producing high quality fruits and vegetables (eg. tomatoes that taste like tomatoes).

In order to grow the healthiest plants it is essential to put all the nutrients and trace minerals back into the soil. Once your soil is built up the mico organisms will break down the nutrients and supply the plants everything they need to meet their maximum genetic potential (healthy, more color, better taste, less bugs and disease).

Plants need nutrients and minerals just like humans do!

That is the secret that most people do not understand… To grow the healthiest plants, trees, and lawn you need to stop using chemical fertilizer and start building your soil up with high quality nutrients and trace minerals!

Dr. JimZ is a fourth generation family owned business offering the best all natural fertilizers on earth.  All our products are bioavailable and designed to feed the microbes first. Chicken Soup For The Soil® is the only colloidal super nutrient that has all the elements in the periodic table and will not wash out of the soil… It actually builds up over time.

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