Liqui-Till™ For Clay Soil (More Drainage)

Natural Enzymes Soften Hard Soil For More Drainage & Healthier Grass!

Do you have puddles forming in your lawn or dry spots that just won't green up? Hard clay soil is difficult to deal with and can make it troublesome to adequately water grassy areas, flower beds, or other areas around the yard. 

Dr. JimZ Liqui-Till™ is designed to break up heavy clay soils and improve the penetration of water/air to the plant roots promoting a healthy soil ecosystem for your lawn or garden. This product is very simple to use... we recommend using a hose-end sprayer to easily apply to soil or turf area. This Stuff Works!

  • Treats 2500 square feet
  • Use hose-end sprayer at 8oz setting
  • Revives dry spots to help green things up
  • Properly drains puddles by softening the soil