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Grow Higher Quality Fruits & Vegetables

What People Are Saying About Dr. JimZ®

"I use Tomato Secret™ on my tomatoes and Tree Secret™ on virtually everything else around the yard; raspberies, flowers, bushes, trees, even my lawn occasionally gets some Dr. JimZ®."

-Sue Knutsen

“I received this product days after hurricanes caused severe damage to several of my citrus fruit trees and ornamental shrubs. One month later the trees have held onto their fruit and are showing new growth.”

-Beth Gnuse 

“I planted four tomato bushes and used Dr. JimZ® on two of them. The two I treated are much bigger and have nearly twice as much fruit.”

-Linda Hankings

"Just letting you know that the hay is thicker than ever and taller than ever too.  30 days after cut we still get 10 days of growth to go. Chicken Soup™ is impressive....wowweee amazing!"

-Farmer / Hay Grower