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Chicken Soup For The Soil® Cannabis Fertilizer

Biologically Correct Nutrient Increases Growing Success!

Chicken Soup For The Soil® also known as "the perfect fertilizer" contains all the nutrients and trace minerals that we have identified over the past 50 years as being beneficial for plants. This colloidal super-nutrient will stimulate life in the soil, grow ultra happy plants, higher quality buds, and deliver all the nutrition your plants need to meet their maximum genetic potential!

  • Grows high quality cannabis with more of everything that makes your plants valuable... visual aesthetics, taste, aroma, THC level, trichome production, and potency. 
  • Improves the success of all grows. High Quality plants do better in stressful situations (humidity, wind, temp), less problems.
  • Feeds the microbes in the soil, improves soil ecology, supplies all the nutrients and trace minerals most fertilizers neglect.
  • Works in all Soils and Hydroponic Setups / Indoor & Outdoor.
  • Increases overall quality of Hemp and Medical Marijuana.
  • Use as a stand alone nutrient for Vegetative Stage... Also, enhances all nutrients in the Flowering Stage.
  • Simple to use... 1 ounce per gallon of water, apply weekly throughout the growing process. Makes 64 gallons!
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee! Grow higher quality marijuana or your money back... This Stuff Works!
* Also available for commercial use. Tankers, totes, & barrels.

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