Fermented Chicken Feed - 16% Lay

Raise Healthier Chickens That Produce More High-Quality Eggs!

Ferma-Feed is a top-quality chicken feed made specifically for lay chickens. This premium lay feed has everything your chickens need to be healthy and produce an abundance of delicious eggs. 

This fermented feed contains bioavailable nutrients and trace minerals that the chickens can use right away. Contains beneficial bacteria for gut health. Produces beneficial enzymes and organic acids and helps prevent pasty butt.  When given a choice between this fermented feed and regular lay feed, the Chickens will crowd around and not give the other stuff a second look... Watch the video below!

  • Premium lay feed is fermented, dried, and packed to ship. Excellent nutrition to get your chickens off to a good start!
  • Fermenting the feed is a complex process that activates the nutrients and makes them more available to the chickens.
  • Contains an additional 65 fermented trace minerals and billions of beneficial and probiotic microbes. Best feed available!
  • Commonly used as a stand-alone solution for baby chicks and top dress with other feed for mature chickens.

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