Velvet Green Lawn Food® Grass Fertilizer

Perfectly Balanced Grass Fertilizer For Happy Soil & Beautiful Lawns!

Velvet Green Lawn Food® is a great alternative to mainstream chemical grass fertilizer. Our ultra-premium, biologically correct lawn treatment is loaded with nutrition and is designed to rejuvenate soil while stimulating lawn growth... This is hands down the most complete lawn fertilizer on earth and everyone should be using it!

Most fertilizer for grass contains heavy amounts of nitrogen that burn carbon out of the soil, harm the micro-life, and remove important nutrients needed for a healthy soil ecosystem.

Dr. JimZ® Velvet Green Lawn Food® contains a synergistic carbon to nitrogen ratio that will build your soil up and lay the foundation for a beautiful, lush, green lawn with less problems. 

  • Perfect lawn treatment for spring, summer, and fall! Apply anytime and enjoy the results! Covers 2000 sq. ft.
  • This yard fertilizer stimulates a bit more growth than Huma-Iron.
  • Best yard treatment for waking up, filling in, and repair.
  • Concentrated plant material derived from a source where plants have grown and died over the course of millions of years.
  • Works best with a broadcast-style spreader, Use setting 8-10.

What Makes Us Different