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Dr. JimZ Velvet Green Lawn Food®

Perfectly Balanced Fertilizer For Healthy Soil and Beautiful Lawns!

Velvet Green Lawn Food® is a great alternative to mainstream chemical fertilizer. Our ultra premium, all natural lawn fertilizer is loaded with nutrition and has a balanced nitrogen to carbon ratio that will promote a healthy soil ecosystem while growing lush velvet green lawns... This is the most complete lawn fertilizer around!

At any given moment your soil is either getting better or worse. Mainstream chemical fertilizer burns carbon out of the soil and kills the micro-life. Declining soil health and thinning grass lead to increased bug infestations and disease.

Dr. JimZ® all natural Velvet Green Lawn Food® contains a balanced mix of carbon based ingredients that rejuvenate soil while stimulating lawn growth. The result is healthier soil, healthier grass, and less bug infestations and disease. 

  • Apply in spring, summer (weather permitting), and fall.
  • Most complete fertilizer for a super healthy, lush, green lawn.
  • Concentrated plant material derived from a source where plants have grown and died over the course of millions of years blended with a touch of nitrogen to stimulate growth. 
  • Covers 2000 sq. ft. Use broadcast spreader on #10.

Buy 25lbs Velvet Green Lawn Food Today! Freight Paid! 

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