Tree Secret® Tree Fertilizer

Feed Your Trees... and Create A Lush Paradise Around The Yard!

Tree Secret® tree fertilizer formerly known as Save-A-Tree is a biologically correct (non-synthetic) fertilizer that has been created specifically for enhanced tree success. Our small batch, extra potent blend of readily available tree nutrients are exactly what your trees, plants, and bushes need to revitalize and look great for years to come. The competition doesn't come close!

  • Nitrogen found in most chemical lawn fertilizer is largely responsible for the unnatural rapid growth that weakens trees by thinning their protective cell walls; this opens the door for disease, wind damage, and bug infestations..... 
  • Plants and bushes need the same nutrition as slow growing trees. Give your yard a serving of this ultra potent, undiluted, carbon based fertilizer and watch in amazement as your trees thrive and your landscape transforms into a lush paradise.
  • Excellent results on all trees, bushes, and evergreens!
  • Happy trees have less problems. This stuff works.

Buy 64 ounce Tree Secret® Today!  Freight Paid To All US States.

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Tree Fertilizer Saved Dying Ceder

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Tree Secret Helped Grow A Thick Tree Barrier IN Backyard

Remarkable Growth!

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