Dr. JimZ Bokashi®

Kickstart Your Compost Pile With More Nutrients and More Life!

Our passion for composting has grown from turning compost piles to manufacturing the best composting material on earth! Dr. JimZ Bokashi™ is a double fermented wheat and rice bran with over 65 trace minerals and a special microbial blend known in Japan to enhance compost quality & quickly bring soil to life.

This perfect blend of microbes is formulated in a specific ratio to create the most synergistic activity possible. Dr. JimZ Bokashi® improves the results in all compost bins, garden soil, compost pile, houseplant soil, and other soils used for gardening.

  • Easy to apply - use 1/2 cup of bokashi in a sealed compost bin to help break down food waste, or scatter a few handfuls into the middle of a compost pile to encourage microbial activity, fermentation, & decomposition on a larger scale.
  • For garden or plant application sprinkle bokashi over the soil and water in with the Chicken Soup (microbes love this).
  • Also used in litter boxes, chicken coups, and other farm operations by neutralizing odor & breaking down waste.
  • Manufactured in Dr. JimZ® revolutionary bokashi factory. State-of-the-art technology ferments perfect bokashi every time.
  • Dry-packed and sealed for easy shipping and simple storage.