Christmas Bundle

A Delightful Christmas Bundle from Dr. JimZ®! 

The Dr. JimZ® Christmas Bundle otherwise known as the "grower system" is the perfect gift for friends and family who like to spend time in the garden. This discounted bundle will be available through Dec. 31st 2023 while supplies last.

At Dr. JimZ® our main goal is to help people eat more nutritious food and be more successful in the garden. Our nutrients are designed to stimulate life in the soil and provide a plethora of nutrients at a biological level.

The microbes in the soil must consume the nutrients before they are 100% bioavailable to the plant.  Our products feed the microbes so your plants can then decide what nutrients they need and when they need them… This will maximize the genetic potential of the plant and result in higher-quality fruits and veggies.

Here is what you will get:

3-2-1 Planting Tabs® (8 tabs) - Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae is a tubular fungus that will branch out and extend the root system allowing your plants to absorb more nutrients and water. 

Tomato Secret 4lbs - Specifically designed for high-quality tomato plants. This biologically correct (non-synthetic) fertilizer has outperformed everything we have ever put it up against.

Chicken Soup for the Soil® 64oz - Best Nutrient On Earth. Maximizes the genetic potential of all plants. Perfect for all edibles in the garden. Can be used very successfully with Tomato Secret®.

Bloom Kaboom® 8oz - Perfect for annuals, hanging baskets, blooming bushes, and other beautiful blooming plants. Can be used in soil or as a foliar. Helps grow big, bright, dense flowers!

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