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JimZ's Book - "That Reminds Me of a Story"

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Founder of Dr. JimZ®, natural scientist, and businessman Jim Zamzow has just released a long awaited print book for 2021... And It IS Fantastic!

Master story teller Jim Zamzow has already brought us the Best Nutrients on Earth and he now is ready to share his stories that were developed along the way. The stories you are about to read are funny, sad, serious, and everything in-between. This is a must read :)

Jims lifetime has been filled with ups, downs, learning experiences, triumphs and heartache. For over 40 years he and his long time friend Art Gregory (radio personality & marketing guru) met each week to cut new commercials for Jims popular gardening centers in the Idaho area. Many times these 1/2 hour recording sessions lasted over 2 hrs because valuable life stories and lessons would come to the surface and need to be told for one reason or another.

What Jim didn't realize then but later found out was that his good buddy Art had been secretly keeping record of all these amazing stories over the years... 

These stories are now yours to read, mull over, and enjoy... We are proud to offer Jims new book "That Reminds Me of a Story" and hope you like it.

*P.S. Jim is one of the best story tellers I have ever met. He is a very interesting guy and I think you will enjoy this book. -Lars Knutsen