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Tomato Secret® Tomato Fertilizer

Grow Big, Juicy, High Quality Tomatoes With Amazing Flavor!

Tomato Secret® is made with a superior blend of biologically correct (non-synthetic) ingredients that will help you grow happy / high quality tomatoes that look great and are full of flavor. Over the past 50 years we have learned how to grow amazing tomatoes without traditional fertilizer and put everything you need into a sack of Tomato Secret®!

Tomato Secret® is carbon based and designed to feed the microbes in the soil as well as deliver direct nutrition to the plant.

If your plants are already in the ground don't worry...Just sprinkle 1 cup around each plant and water in. This will give your tomatoes the boost they need for superior growth and top quality fruit!

  • Includes 12 natural ingredients including our exclusive: Concentrated Compost Factor™ & Magic Mineral™ (nourish your tomatoes for ultra successful, problem free results).
  • Use on all varieties of tomato plants for happier, better tasting fruit. Use on the rest of your garden for amazing results!
  • 4 lb bag of this tomato fertilizer will feed 6 tomato plants!
  • Use 1 cup at planting then top dress the soil after 6 weeks.
  • Pinch the plant for desired height or build a huge tomato cage and grow a "monster"..... any size will yield high quality fruit!

Buy 4 lbs Tomato Secret® today!  Freight Paid To All US States.

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The Tomato Secret® Story

"Our Products Make The Competition Look Young and Inexperienced" -Jim Zamzow


Picture of Tomato Secret and Jim Zamzows Giant Tomato

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