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Tomato Secret®

Grow The Largest, Juiciest, and Most Delicious Tomatoes On Earth!

Tomato Secret® is made with a superior blend of natural ingredients that will help you grow high quality tomatoes, that taste better, have less bug infestation, less disease, and a longer shelf life. Over the past 50 years we have learned how to grow amazing tomatoes without traditional fertilizer and have put everything you need into a sack of Tomato Secret®!

Tomato Secret® is biologically correct and designed to feed the microbes in the soil as well as deliver direct nutrition to the plant.

  • Includes 12 natural ingredients including our exclusive: Concentrated Compost Factor™ & Magic Mineral™ (nourish your tomatoes for ultra healthy, disease free results).
  • Use on all varieties of tomato plants for healthier, better tasting fruit. Use on the rest of your garden for amazing results!
  • 4 lb bag of this tomato fertilizer will feed 6 tomato plants!
  • Use 1 cup at planting then top dress the soil after 6 weeks.
  • Pinch the plant for desired height or build a huge tomato cage and grow a "monster"..... any size will yield high quality fruit!

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The Tomato Secret® Story

Picture of Tomato Secret and Jim Zamzows Giant Tomato

"Our Products Make The Competition Look Young and Inexperienced" -Jim Zamzow


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