Marijuana Compost Tea Recipe - How To Grow Huge Marijuana Buds

*How to Make The Best Compost Tea / Foliar*
Step 1. Get a 5 gallon bucket and add 1 part Chicken Soup For The Soil™ to 9 parts water ( 1/2 gallon Chicken Soup & 4.5 gallons water).
Step 2. Add your choice of microbes (a handful of good quality soil, or pure earthworm castings).
Step 3.  Stir what is in your bucket and place in a warm room or outside if it is summer. The main thing is to keep it warm.
Step 4.  Stir often, at least daily....more frequently is better. Alternatively, just add 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide ad you will be good to go.
* Apply compost tea directly to soil, or dilute 1 part tea to 8 parts water and spray on as a foliar.  Your plants are going to love it!