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"I never imagined my vegetables to grow as big as they did in such a short period of time. I did everything your video said to do and it truly worked. Thank you so much for educational videos. I'm totally addicted to gardening and I will have to plan my garden out better next year because I had no idea how big the plants would grow. I will continue to buy your products." -Sherry W.


"Unbelievably great service, best delivery notification I've seen!! Will purchase more and refer to friends!" -Michael H.  Arbor Day Foundation member


"Been Using Chicken Soup for the Soil and making my own batches. It's working great... I love it!!!" -Chris H.


"Bought extra, planning to give them for christmas gifts this year."  -Doris

A."Couple pictures we are using the fertilizer chicken for the soil...it truly after 3 weeks made trees grow and look good.  Very happy with product....also I use this on my plants works great very organic....go Dr. JimZ!"  -Rick

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"Several years ago, Mill Creek Nursery carried Dr.JimZ products and I used their Bloom KaBoom and Tree Secret. I was excited when I found their products now online and I’ve ordered Bloom KaBoom, Chicken Soup for the Soil, Mycorrhizae Planting tablets, and the Tree Secret. My newly planted plants are all strong and healthy. I believe Dr.JimZ products to be the best product on the market and highly recommend these products if you want a fabulous yard and garden!  -Mikki G.

"Here’s some pictures from my Priest Lake garden in N Idaho all taken today, 6/30/19."  -Cheryl M.
"Wow, everything I put either Tree Secret, Chicken Soup, and Tomatoe Secret on took off this summer. Biggest tomatoes, zucchini and squashes I have ever grown. Thanks."  -Scott H.
"First time customer. Bought a bag of Dr. JimZ Tomato Secret and used it in combination with earth worm castings, a favorite of mine. My garden never looked so good! Tomato plants are growing at an amazing rate and have a deep green color that shows they are very healthy. Can't to see how the productivity will be. A couple plants are already loaded with blossoms."  -Denise R.

"Hey folks, a few weeks after applying Dr. JimZ Tomato Secret fertilizer the plant just sort of took off.. the foliage was full and green the flowers were aplenty. Soon as I saw fruit I did another round of JimZ Tomato Secret and was rewarded with awesome full robust juicy sweet Tomatoes...

I’ve been growing different variety Tomatos all my life and tried a lot of folklore gimmicks  (this is how my granddaddy did it hogwash).  Im convinced nothings ever worked better then Dr. JimZ Tomato Secret. I for one will never go a season  without it!"  -Ed from Capitola, CA

"Just wanted to show you my Tomato Jungle thanks to your fertilizer. The stems are as big as my fingers!" -Doris A.

"Is the best asparagus fertilizer I have ever used!"

 Chicken Soup Review 

"Hello Dr. JimZ! I have 40 Cottonwood trees about 4 years old. A not so clean neighbor leaves dried matter in piles on his property. Mold/fungus spores floated under and over the fence, sickening the trees I planted to hide from them in the first place. I feared losing the trees and then found your site. You recommended Tree Secret for disease support that I thought was pricey. But being desperate I tried it at half strength. What do you know. It cured my trees and this spring/summer they have grown well."  -Royan H.  Shadow Hills, CA.

"We started our tomatoes from seeds in Feb. Purchased, for the first time, Tomato Secret, WOW ! most of our fruit is same size as softballs, disease free plants and fruit." -Bill C.


"Hello Dr. JimZ I wanted to thank you for the tomato fertilizer. My tomatoes were blooming and never grew fruits. As soon as I started to use your fertilizer, they started to grow tomatoe fruits and are growing like crazy. I will send pictures soon. I can't wait to use the chicken soup on my soil because, I have the same problem with my sweet peppers, eggplants, beats, beans, strawberry and carrots. Thanks again."  -Marie

"Greetings Jim and Faye, The photo below is just one small picking from our six pepper plants this year that have been nourished with Jim's Pepper Popper and Chicken Soup for the Soil.  So many of us Treasure Valley "growers" are beneficiaries of your research and product development.   Thank you kindly for blessing all of us....with love and peace."  - Mark and Tami


Tomato went crazy 6’ tall and okra is pushing 9’ with tomato secret.  -Rita S.

"A couple of photos of my little garden and my little buddy Duncan, a West Highland Terrier or Westie. I appreciate the products you sell and they work great! I finally have grass on the shady side of the house by using the Dyna-Gold and the Boom Kaboom really helps my plants especially my plumerias, I have about 20 plumeria trees." Thanks again, Jerome


"Loved your product.  We had more tomatoes this year then any other year.  We are just small gardeners, mostly just for ourselves. I'm sure we will be ordering other products in the future."  -Linda G.

"I usually plant 32 plants for canning.  This year I only planted 10 and the yield I received was about the same as the 32 I planted last year.  Since I don't have any pictures you'll have to take my word for it.  The tomatoes were huge, juicy and delicious.  In fact we have so many we had to give them away. We just couldn't use them fast enough.  In fact, just.yesterday, I picked a whole colander of cherry tomatoes and they're still hanging like grapes from only two plants.  I love your product."  -Mary

"I have three tomato plants and I put a wire trellis over all of them when I planted them.  I used only 1/2 of your recommended dosage for each plant, and I did that only once.  My plants are now monsters.  Please see the attached photograph that I made just now, after I picked all the red ripe tomatoes.  The plants are so huge that they pulled down my trellises.  I am picking so many tomatoes that I am eating a lot of them, cutting and drying a lot of them, and chopping and freezing a lot of them.  I am harvesting more than I have ever harvested before.  I am truly amazed.  I will have to find a new place for my tomatoes next year, and I will have to find or make newer, bigger, and stronger trellises than I now have."  -Phil C.

"Hello Dr. JimZ.....  All I can say is OMG!!!  My tomatos plants became giants and produced tons of tomato.  Same as the chicken soup for vegetables.  Bumper crops for me.  So happy I discovered you!  Thanks."  -Paulette

"I have to say I put your product on all of my trees and some of tree secret on just some small tomato plants... I honestly can not believe the results I mean plants I have had for year literally doubled in size in one season . So I have been spreading the word about your amazing product and I will continue to be a loyal customer thank you Dr. JimZ!"

P.S. I really wish I would have taken before and after pictures.  -Kevin H.

"Thanks for nice product. I used Chicken Soup to my vegetables garden and surprise to see size of squash.  Loki or you call lauki in a Southeast Asia and some of them grow three and half feet long.  Thank you again."  -PH Vanodia


"Thank you Dr. Jimz and Tomato Secret for saving my season! 

This was a particularly challenging year for gardeners where I live. Spring came quite late, with nothing but cold, dark and rainy weather, even snow, until long after Mother’s Day. But then, like flipping a light switch, June brought relentless, cruel heat that baked us all summer long. 

Feeding my compost heavily with Tomato Secret at planting time, and also side dressing through the summer made all the difference. Having healthy soil meant strong and healthy young plants, able to beat the heat even with the late start. 

Now that cooler weather has returned, my tomatoes are ripening furiously, and once again they’re amazing my friends, family, coworkers and neighbors with their sheer size, quantity and spectacular flavor.

And it’s not just for tomatoes; It should be called Garden Secret! My basil has overgrown its beds like weeds and shows no sign of slowing down and bolting - I’ll be giving away jars of fresh pesto like crazy this year! And my jalapenos are approaching the size of small bananas.

Even though the proof is in the harvest, one of the best things about Tomato Secret is the smell wafting out from the bag. Like fresh cut alfalfa in the early morning, with hints of lavender and molasses.... Okay, I’m getting carried away, but compare that to the retching stench of blood meal, or the burning eyes from harsh chemical fertilizers, or having to wear gloves to protect yourself from pathogenic organisms in poultry manure…  Who would ever want to grow theirfood in that garbage?

I’ll be tipping my wine glass to Dr Jimz tonight when I bite into that hot, fresh homemade pizza made with garden picked tomatoes, basil and rosemary… ah, the gardener’s life!"  -Matt G.

"I would like to thank you for making a superior soil amendment. To get big plants with large, dense, sticky flower you need good roots, to get good roots you need good soil.  I am a boutique  all organic Medical Cannabis Grower. This product is a perfect all in one soil builder. Like I said I am not a biologist or chemist just a grower and this really works. I feed it to my soil in grow bags before I plant and once a week during vegetative cycle along with my other nutrients, no burn, bad smell, just happy healthy girls. It works. Don't take my word for it let the pictures show you it does. Just look at the Trichome production."  -Charlie C.
"I ordered Tomato Secret and Chicken soup for the soul and i have to say, both were hands down,  the absolute best fertilizers I have EVER USED!!! My tomato plants were still puny and not growing well with the fertilizer I had mixed in the soil when I first planted them, but about a month later I ordered the Tomato Secret and mixed it in the soil as directed and they literally took off! And i am not someone who can usually get things to grow. But these plants were like trees after a month!! I took pics and everyone i showed them to were amazed how big and healthy they were! And the Chicken soup for the soil worked equally amazing on anything i put it on! Everything just took off growing like crazy!! Very impressive!!! I will definitely recommend Dr. Jimz to everyone! Thank you for such an awesome product!!!"  -Wendy B.
"Good day, Michael Ingaran here in reference to your Tree Secret.  This Amarillis was dormant for two years and only grew long leafs. After I gave it Tree Secret 2 weeks ago,  look what happened, 4 Beautiful flowers from one stalk and another flowering stalk is growing!! Your Tree Secret Liquid is great! Thank you for  your product, I am giving it to all my trees!!" Michael. 04/05/2021
"I just wanted to say thank you for quickly shipping the items. Tree Secret® is by far the best I’ve used! We purchased property that used to be a nursery and we quickly found that we were way over our heads. The previous owner had been watering his acreage daily. We didn’t realize this and coming from a postage stamp size lot the trees received watered indirectly from overspray. The first two summers on our nursery we had brutally hot summer temps and some of our 200’ sequoia trees started showing signs of stress- lots of brown limbs up near the tree crown. After hours of research I found your products. I had 2 tests a half dead evergreen shrub and our sequoia trees. I’ve applied Tree Secret® and reapplied and after 2 years the sequoia are thriving as well as the evergreen shrub. I love your products please keep up the good work." -Karen J. 08/24/2022