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"Been Using Chicken Soup for the Soil and making my own batches. It's working great... I love it!!!" -Chris H.


"Couple pictures we are using the fertilizer chicken for the soil...it truly after 3 weeks made trees grow and look good.  Very happy with product....also I use this on my plants works great very organic....go Dr. JimZ!"  -Rick

"Here’s some pictures from my Priest Lake garden in N Idaho all taken today, 6/30/19."  -Cheryl M.
"First time customer. Bought a bag of Dr. JimZ Tomato Secret and used it in combination with earth worm castings, a favorite of mine. My garden never looked so good! Tomato plants are growing at an amazing rate and have a deep green color that shows they are very healthy. Can't to see how the productivity will be. A couple plants are already loaded with blossoms."  -Denise R.
"Just wanted to show you my Tomato Jungle thanks to your fertilizer. The stems are as big as my fingers!" -Doris A.

"Hello Dr. JimZ I wanted to thank you for the tomato fertilizer. My tomatoes were blooming and never grew fruits. As soon as I started to use your fertilizer, they started to grow tomatoe fruits and are growing like crazy. I will send pictures soon. I can't wait to use the chicken soup on my soil because, I have the same problem with my sweet peppers, eggplants, beats, beans, strawberry and carrots. Thanks again."  -Marie