Huma-Iron™ (Lawn)

Beautiful Green Summer Lawns... Especially When It's Hot!

Huma-Iron™ contains a biologically correct blend of carbon, humus, iron, and trace minerals that will revive your lawn and and keep it green throughout the summer and fall months. Huma-Iron™ will never burn your grass and can safely be applied during extreme heat! 

All lawns require a balanced carbon / nitrogen ratio to be healthy and perform their best. Mainstream chemical fertilizer contains high doses of nitrogen that will quickly burn the carbon out of the soil and create problems for your lawn.  This is why chemical lawn fertilizer works great for a few years and then tends to fizzle out... leaving you with a weak lawn and increased bug infestations.

Huma-Iron™ adds the carbon, humus, and trace minerals back into your soil so you can get the most out of your fertilizer and enjoy a higher quality lawn. When you add carbon to a lawn that has had multiple servings of nitrogen the results are spectacular!

With over 500,000 units sold this product is a proven winner... If your grass is turning brown you need Huma-Iron™. This Stuff Works!

  • Concentrated plant material derived from a source where plants have grown and died over the course of millions of years. 
  • Easy to use, carbon based ingredients, and toxin free! Works great on all soils and in all climates.  Safe to use in temps over 90°F.
  • 1 bag covers 1250 square feet (will cover up to 2500 square feet once your soil is built up). Safe around kids and pets.
  • Works best with a broadcast-style spreader. Use setting 8-10.
  • Limited Inventory! For Spring/Fall Lawn Fertilizer Click Here.

Buy 25 LBS Huma-Iron™ Today! Freight Paid To All US States.

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