Seedling Grow™ Seedling Fertilizer

Enjoy Vigorous Seedlings From The Start W/ This Fermented Foliar Spray!

Dr. JimZ Seedling Grow™ is a unique, nutrient-rich, fermented foliar spray that has been a family favorite for decades. Perfectly balanced for exceptional seedling growth, this bioavailable super spray will prepare your seedlings for successful transplanting and set the stage for enhanced results all season long.

This specialty seedling fertilizer can be used weekly as needed throughout the seedling stage. Seedling Grow™ is easily absorbed through the leaf so your seedlings can benefit from the nutrition right away... It's very satisfying to watch young plants perk up & thrive! 

  • Seedling Grow™ is premixed for easy application. Liberally mist plants until runoff occurs. Reapply every 7 to 10 days.
  • Grow strong, healthy, robust seedlings full of vibrant energy. 
  • Most advanced seedling fertilizer on the market. Use Chicken Soup for the Soil® when transplanting. This Stuff Works!

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