Water Audit Kit™

Optimize The Amount Of Water Applied To Your Lawn & Water Like A Pro!

Over-watering your lawn is expensive and can lead to unnecessary problems like bug infestations and disease. Likewise, underwatering your lawn will cause your lawn to dry out and struggle to grow.

Most people wonder what to do, but have no way to measure the amount of water being applied to their lawns. This is why we created the Dr. JimZ Water Audit Kit™... The easiest way to measure the effectiveness of your sprinklers so you can make adjustments and water your lawn in confidence.

  • Contains 4 sturdy cups with spikes, quick start guide, and full instructions. Learn if your lawn is receiving adequate coverage
  • Determine how long to run your sprinklers in spring and summer. Proper watering improves the health of your lawn
  • Helps detect sprinkler issues. Save money by not overwatering

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